Robert Ludlow

About Me

I am a software-developer, database administrator, and web-developer from Long Island, NY. I am excited to put these skills toward real-world applications. I am interested in how data can be applied in ways that can demonstrably help people solve problems and better their lives.

In my spare time, I am also a published poet, enjoy making music, and playing board games. I especially love how the latter lends itself to greater actual social contact and team-building, while offering a tactility sometimes lost today.

Selected Projects


Python is a coding language commonly used in many automated processes.

JavaScript is a coding language widely used in web applications, including website design and the logic underpinning a website's behaviour.

CSS is used to style elements of a website.

HTML is the building blocks from which websites are constructed.

Node.js is a runtime enviroment that allows a programmer to run JavaScript outside of a web browser.

React JS is a JavaScript library that allows for more responsive elements of website design. It allows portions of a site to refresh without the entire page needing to reload, among other things.

SQL here represents any number of Structured Query Languages such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MariaDB. They are used to query and interact with databases.

Command Prompt here refers to a number of file-access type of technologies including BASH, WSL2, PowerShell, Windows Command Prompt, OSX Terminal, and other such programs.

Git and GitHub are tools that help with version control and with coordinating multiple participants working on a single project.

Universal Access is a design philosophy including mindful practices such as using aria-labels for screen readers used by the visally impaired,
ensuring sections are named in intuitive and descriptive ways so that they are more easily understood, and various other techniques that seek to provide access to everyone.